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Re: Too harsh?

boarderphreak wrote:

Kenny Frank wrote:

Change it in the viewfinder.... no?

Only the focus point(s) and shutter/aperture settings, along with
the exposure compensation...

The viewfinder doesn't show ISO, metering pattern, AF mode (servo,
etc.), frames remaining, etc.

The 1V has a backlight...

Lack of an LCD backlight was one of the reasons I sold my Elan 7 and bought an EOS 3. Now with the D30 I'm running into some of the same headaches, though they aren't as severe, IMHO. The ISO setting can be changed from the menu on the rear LCD. Also, if you push the "Info" button while not in playback mode, it will display some info about the camera's current state. I think it will show the metering pattern, etc. What would be really nice is a mode where the D30 displays a clone of the top LCD on the rear LCD. This would not only be handy at night, but also when the camera is on a tripod and you can't see the top LCD.

As for flashlights, I'm a big convert to LED-based lights (huge battery life, and very dependable). I always carry a "Micro-Light(tm)" on my keychain for these occasions.


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