D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: Two examples...

I think we took photos

DavidP wrote:
I suspect they simply found more important things to do.

I certainly do, but I'm addicted.

(Hopefully to the good info and good friends, and not as a
spectator to the flame wars).

Danged internet and forums. Just what DID we do with our lives
before them?

JCDoss wrote:

When's the last time you've seen Furrukh Khan contribute to this
forum? Now, it could be that his busy professional life took him
over, but he used to be a regular contributor and an extremely
helpful person. He simply vanished a few months ago.

Another good contributor is Daniel Lauring. I see he's posted a
few messages just today, but he's spent far less time posting here
than he used to. I remember some significant lens tests he ran and
posted here, which cleared the air about some Sigma v Canon

Again, maybe they took a hiatus for other reasons, but the fact is
that this forum was a very different place last year.

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