D60 - not rumor!!!

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Too harsh?

Michael Martin wrote:

Lee Rothman wrote:

For all we know they may well call the next (improved) D30 a EOS 3D
as it may well incorporate much of the EOS 3's features with a
(hopefully) at least 6-10mp CMOS and eye control focus. Wouldn't
that be awesome?

Yes but given the track record of Canon with digital imaging: bad
autofocus on the D30 and banding on the 1D, they won't get it right.

Ahhh, I think you're being too critical of Canon... Sure, there are "issues" with their two big models, but this whole "digital thing" is a learning experience for everyone. Granted, cameras costing this much money really should be tested and fine-tuned and perhaps run past focus groups more thouroughly first.

When digital imaging is as commonplace and time-tested as 35mm film, I think we can be more critical of Canon and other manufacturers!

Of course, I'm not saying that I wish the D30 had a few small improvements - AF being one (but I find it not to be that bad)... MY big gripe with the D30 is the lack of a backlight on the top LCD! WTF? How are you supposed to change the metering, AF, WB or ISO in the dark? Yeah, yeah - carry a flashlight...

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