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Thoughtful, intelligent and helpful people...outnumbered?

Matt Kim wrote:

Anyhow, have you checked out the Nikon forum? Talk about a bunch of
narrow minded, whiney baboons! Go in there for about 5 mins, you'll
think the Canon SLR forum was the best forum on earth.

I used to be active on the Nikon forum, when I first started with the 990. Indeed, I think you're mostly correct about this forum being quite wonderful in comparison (although I made many good friends on the Nikon forum as well -- funny enough, most of them migrated here with the D30).

I actually think most of the people who have participated here over the last six months (and those going back even longer, before there was a separate Canon SLR forum) are intelligent, thoughtful and helpful individuals whom I'd love to buy a cold one. Someone like Scott (who indeed I have disagreed with at times) fits that category. I am desperately not trying to be elitist but it does seem there are more and more people participating here who do not fit that category -- it's very useless to engage in discussion with those people.

I want to be clear, here -- I was not upset by the original poster here sharing the information he had. I'm actually more reacting to the thread somewhere else (which I won't even revisit) that sounded so inane I could barely bring myself to respond to it. Perhaps I shouldn't have -- as Al notes, you can simply ignore the "noise" and only read the relevent posts. I've tried at times to read nearly everything in the misguided thought that maybe I could be of help in some threads and if you don't read it all it's easy to miss follow up questions or something else that triggers some useful scrap of info I might have floating around in this old brain. Then I've gone into the "Only Read Topic Headings that Interest Me" mode -- but that didn't work on the "Sold D30" thread.

So now I'm going into the "Only Read Threads where there are no more than 1 or 2 replies" mode. In this way I can provide info that already hasn't been covered, I'll be able to stay out of flame wars, and still provide some participation. I think that's the only way I can continue here.

(So since this thread no longer qualifies, I'll bid adieu -- oh, all right, I'll stick around long enough to see if anyone wants to talk about this :> ).--Mike http://www.kelleytown.com

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