D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: How bout a cold one?

Oh, don't be such a baby... I remember the 1D rumors being much

Anyhow, have you checked out the Nikon forum? Talk about a bunch of
narrow minded, whiney baboons! Go in there for about 5 mins, you'll
think the Canon SLR forum was the best forum on earth.


Mike Kelley wrote:

JCDoss wrote:

Mike Kelley wrote:

this isn't an obnoxious thread as
the one about jimwww who sold his D30 (who seems like a blithering
idiot -- if I knew as little as he obviously did before I spent
thousands of dollars I'd deserve a quick punch in the head with a

Wow... you and jimwww must be bestest buddies! Bet you guys go
out for beers after work on Fridays!

I agree with your post 100% (and the one in the other thread, which
I wouldn't dare comment on,,, since the fool comments are already
starting to roll in.).

Actually, JC, I was this close to giving up this whole forum
after reading and commenting in that thread. I feel so old and
tired I don't know where to begin anymore.

Perhaps I wasn't too tactful -- I dunno, I just can't even bring
myself to looking in on that thread again (so I won't). As you
know, I've made great friends here, but I also seem to have to
suffer some of the worse fools around.

My New Year Resolution -- to suffer fools gladly.

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