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Scott Olds Senior Member • Posts: 1,112
My greatest fears

I think that this forum has degenerated quite a bit lately and this is leaving me with two great fears:

A) We're going to get a moderator. I visit Rob Galbraith's site and while I do find it interesting, the moderation there is somewhat repressive IMHO.

B) We're going to lose more good people. Over the last year we HAVE lost some good people who contributed a lot. If we continue with the name calling and flaming back and forth we're going to lose more. When I hear people like Mike Kelley (who I have disagreed with more than once but who contributes regularly) talk about leaving we are all at risk of losing. It only takes one meaningful post to have their presence worthwhile. For example, Mike's mention of the Wacom tablet led me to get one. Without his one initial message I wouldn't have looked into this anytime soon.

A simple rule: If you don't like it IGNORE IT. Posts with NO RESPONSES die quickly here. Let the bad ones die a simple death.

DavidP wrote:
Keep up that wishing, and I'll nominate you to be moderator.

And remember, if all the good folks leave, what'll be left?

JCDoss wrote:

This forum has degenerated a fair amount in the past few months.
So much so that I wouldn't blame any of us "founders" for wanting
to go elsewhere. So little learning, sharing, and bouncing ideas
off each other and so much MUCH more bitching, moaning, griping
(about the same things over and over and over), idiotic stupid
questions that are easily found in the manual or at Canon's
website, and now we're seeing unbelievable personal attacks (in
this thread particularly) on people who really don't deserve it...
I think Phil needs a moderator.

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