D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: PS -- I set the wrong tone

My initial reply to Peter was based on an apparent misunderstanding/misreading by me of his post.

Here's the quote:

"Here is the info I got. First, there is NO spec's or time schedule on it's release. Got it? To those that are salivating instead of reading, no info was given from Canon on it's features or release schedule."

To me, that sounded like Canon had no idea of the camera's specs or it's future release at this time, yet was going to "Demo" the camera in February. Which is what led to my sarcastic reply.

Apparently, upon further reading in the thread, what was meant is that Canon HAS that info, but didn't give it to the person who's going to demo it. (Good thing, too, perhaps -- was he supposed to even let people know he'd be giving a demo of it?)--The Unofficial Photographer of The Wilkinsons http://thewilkinsons.crosswinds.net

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