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Re: Between me and you...

I felt the same way, but I got over it. The way I got over it is by ignoring the topics I'm not interested in. Yes, that means I don't read the majority of topics.

Actually, I don't notice the forum having degenerated in the past few months. Maybe it has or maybe you've just seen the same things a few times now and are less interested in the "Is the 28-135IS a good lens?" kind of questions. In an open, public forum, people are always going to be free to post things you don't want to read or ask questions that have already been answered 1000 times. There's no way around it. Even if there was a FAQ button on every page of the forum, many people wouldn't read it.

JCDoss wrote:

Mike Kelley wrote:

Actually, JC, I was this close to giving up this whole forum
after reading and commenting in that thread. I feel so old and
tired I don't know where to begin anymore.

This forum has degenerated a fair amount in the past few months.
So much so that I wouldn't blame any of us "founders" for wanting
to go elsewhere. So little learning, sharing, and bouncing ideas
off each other and so much MUCH more bitching, moaning, griping
(about the same things over and over and over), idiotic stupid
questions that are easily found in the manual or at Canon's
website, and now we're seeing unbelievable personal attacks (in
this thread particularly) on people who really don't deserve it...
I think Phil needs a moderator.


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