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Re: In defence of Peter Gregg

I do not need to defend Peter. Although I do not know Peter personally, I do know where he got his information from reguarding the D60. Everything he said is true and his source is considered to be one of the best in the field. I have not bought my digital camera yet, but it will be happening this next year. I do get a kick out of all the posts in most forums that are based on defending their camera purchases. I agree with Benjamin that it's the photographer who makes the difference in a great photograph, not the equipment. There is no such thing as the perfect camera, never has been.

Mike Porter

Benjamin Chang wrote:

Come on guys I think Peter is doing us a favour by mentioning what
he heard from his teacher whom he respects. Hands on your heart
would you not do not same if the same situation arises?

Let's start another more interesting and educating topic.......
how about listing your favourite photography/digital sites? I have
started such a thread so please join in.

If there is a new model - so what it's not the camera but the
photogrpaher that takes the picture. My teacher is Winston Ingram
for those who live in the UK.That wa my one lesson.

From what I read many readers of this forum are more concern about
their equipment rather than their ability to take good pictures.
Perhaps Mr. Askey should split this forum up into 3 sub - sections:

Canon digital SLR- gadget freaks
Canon digital SLR- photography
Canon digital SLR- rumours ONLY

Benjamin Chang
London UK Please note no prefic just to make "certain" members happy

Happy new year to you all.

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