Nikon 2006 to 2009

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Nikon 2006 to 2009

Nikon recently released their 2006 Annual Report. Here's the business strategy for the next three years in imaging:

"While the digital compact camera market heads towards maturation, the digital SLR camera market is projected to continue on a growth track with competition intensifying. Under these circumstances, Nikon intends to boost profitability through the provision of highly distinctive products. In addition, we seek to create new markets by developing and proposing new products. In the year ending March 31, 2009, we aim to secure over 40% share of the digital SLR market."

Elsewhere we have:

"Expand the software business."

For DSLRs "Nikon will incorporate other elements that win the hearts of customers and ensure long-lasting loyalty."
"...timely introduction of new products is imperative."

One other thing caught my eye:

"Through the creation of a database listing customer desires...Nikon aggressively seeks to improve and enhance its products and services..."

A few comments from me, if you don't mind ; )

  • Net R&D spending is projected to grow 60%. Yet R&D spending has been increasing fairly strongly at Nikon for the past several years and patent applications have been going steadily down. That would need to be reversed.

  • 40% share in DSLRs is an increase from the current low 30's, and IMHO, impossible to achieve. I'm not even sure Canon can hold that. Between now and the target date, DSLR sales will grow no more than 65% overall (e.g., if the market is 100 units today, it will be 165 units in 2009). That gives about 8.25m DSLR units to allocate. 40% of 8.25m is 3.3m units. Nikon would have to grow faster than the market to achieve their goal, a considerable achievement considering they have more competitors, and more serious ones, now.

  • I'm a little curious about that "new markets" bit. Does that mean we'll see the FM3D after all?

  • Gee, it would be really nice to know where that database resides, and how we get feature requests into it. Or maybe it's a secret because it contains "other elements" ; )

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