New RCR-V3 Option - anyone tried?

Started Aug 22, 2006 | Discussions thread
Dan Richardson Contributing Member • Posts: 538
Re: Voltage

6.5V + - 1.0 wouldn't work with NiMH's (4.8V
these things are designed to take a small tolerance over the
maximum and under the minimum (say 4.5V - 7V). I would guess 7V as
the maximum it would've been designed to handle, but that still
makes 7.7 a little on the iffy side IMHO.

But let us know how it goes, as I doubt I'd risk it myself.

Yeah, after talking to my EE friend from HP, he basically said the same thing - I was just trying to justify it. Now to write to the eBay guy and see if he handles it. Somehow I doubt it. :- . Oh well.


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