Dilemma? Which monitor to take? Apple 23”/30” or Eizo/NEC?

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Re: Dilemma? Which monitor to take? Apple 23”/30” or Eizo/NEC?

Kim van Heuven wrote:

Hi all,

I’ve currently have a macbook pro and will buy a Macpro in the
coming months. Since I got rid of my 20” Imac I need a new screen.

Can anyone give me some advice on the screen to take? I love the
size of the 30” Apple Cinema, but how is the quality compared to
the Eizo 2190 spectraview and Eizo CG210 (the CG221 is to expensive
for me).

When I used the Imac 20” I didn’t have enough space on the screen
so I hooked up a second screen (not possible for my macbook pro)
and that worked ok (I guess screen size was still too small ).

So what shall I do. Buy a NEC/Eizo and I will probably miss the
size of the screen but have the optimum photography monitor or
shall I go for the Cinema display (23” or 30”). Are the Apple 23”
and 30” that less good for using with photography then the Eizo/NEC?

Thanks for your advice.


P.S. Uwe, I know that you use a lot of the Apple screens. Advice is
very much appreciated.


This is always a very hot topic... and my opinion is only valid for the way I work... All images I deal with are between 8 and 16 MP, tasks like noise reduction and sharpening require zooming to 100% - of course a 16 MP image will not fit on even a 30" screen at 100%, but the area that is visible is bigger and I can make my decisions faster and more precisely. In other applications I can simply get more on the screen and as good as Expose is, having 3 documents open at the same time - or viewing a whole spread at 100% is an enormous timesaver and eliminates errors. And - also to be mentioned - Aperture in fullscreen mode on this screen is something that can't be topped. The only reason to give up the 30" display for me would be something bigger (if it has the same quality). The colour reproduction is very good and sufficient (others may say: good enough) for almost all output media. Of course a high end Eizo/LaCie/Nec can give you more colours, smoother gradients etc. We have used some of them and the printed end results were in the vast majority of cases indistinguishable from the ones we have prepared on the Cinema Displays. We have agreed to stay with the Cinema Displays - and that was an unanimous decision. So, yes, on screen there is a difference. If this is significant and outweighs the benefits of a bigger screen is of course a decision you have to make...


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