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Re: Yeah, but...sort-of

lhsmith wrote:

Lee Rothman wrote:

For all we know they may well call the next (improved) D30 a EOS 3D
as it may well incorporate much of the EOS 3's features with a
(hopefully) at least 6-10mp CMOS and eye control focus. Wouldn't
that be awesome?

Awesome, maybe, ...for some...as long as it has an "Off" switch.

I might be looking around in the VF to check composition, see what
is/is-not in-focus, etc. In-that-case, I DON'T need the camera
focussing on everything I look-at



That would be a bother. But eye controlled focus, at least in the 7E, only focuses the lens when you depress the shutter release or the back button (when set for focus). So you can focus on an object, release the shutter and still evaluate the scene. ECF is especially "awesome" when you're tracking moving objects. IMHO it is very worthwhile. And it has another important trait -- it can be turned off if you don't want to use it.


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