D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: D60 - not rumor!!!

D60? By the time I get through getting a decent lense collection together they will probably be working on a 42mp sensor in a large format capable of making freeway billboards. The only reason I don't quit now is that I know all of those pretty L lenses will still work with it and produce great images (and probably still be worth more than the camera)


Peter Gregg wrote:

Hi All,

First, Happy New Year to all here at Dpreview. Also to Phil for
being such a great host.

Here is the info I got. First, there is NO spec's or time schedule
on it's release. Got it? To those that are salivating instead of
reading, no info was given from Canon on it's features or release
schedule. So, you want to know what the big deal is. Here it is . .

One of the pro's I learn from and take classes and lessons from was
hired to demonstrate THE REPLACEMENT FOR THE D30 at the February
show. He is a big name guy.

So, that means there IS a camera - and Canon is calling it a
REPLACEMENT FOR THE D30!!!!! It is in real life and not a fantisy.
He was not told any info like mp size or when it will be available.
I guess they want a high end person to place the camera with.

THE D30 REPLACEMENT - YES!!!!!!! What neat NEAT words.

That's all.


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