Using Nikon F Lenses On Pentax K Bodies (LBA Post)

Started Aug 25, 2006 | Discussions thread
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xpistos wrote:

So if I went and bought a pre-AI Nikkor,
it would fit on a Pentax K?


Does it need modification?

No (but see below).

How about focusing? Does it work at infinity?

It does work! The register distance is slightly greater than the Pentax one, so it can still focus to infinity even though it sits a mm or so higher than it normally would.


A note on fitting the lenses: You have to align the dot on the Nikon lens with about the 2:00 position as you look at the camera mount. It will slide down fully. Then, you give it a slight clockwise turn - this is where the AI lenses barely fit on but most of the Non-AI lenses turn about 1/16th of a turn which is more than enough to get a firm fit. Like I said earlier, the 55 Micro and 24mm turn far enough that they actually clear the locking pin, and they 'click' into place. None of the others fit like that, though.

It is a somewhat delicate operation at first, but as long as you don't force it - they fit.

I fully intend to swap out the mounts, but they work as-is to varying degrees.

(My 'brandrx' disclaimer - I neither support nor recommend anyone else try this crazy trick - I'm only letting you know the silly things I do!)

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