yet another first 5D post: B/W photos

Started Aug 25, 2006 | Discussions thread
OP lorin niculae Contributing Member • Posts: 971

thank you very much for your very kind comments!

About the workflow: I have shot raw + S fine (just to have a quick image of what I have done). I had with me 1 CF san disk ultra II of 2 Gb and one spare of 1Gb and at the end of the day I was writing everything on a jobo 40Gb mobild Hd.

All raw converted through DPP, setting B/W, sharpening 3 and using curves to adjust contrast. Then worked in CS2 with levels and replace color tool (I like the result of it): darkening the dark areas and lightening the light areas, without loosing too much detail. I don't know if this a good technique but I like the result more than working just on levels and curved (the contrast results harsher imo).
It would be very interesting if B/W pros here would share their techniques!

Best regards,

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