Some Pros do use lots of OLY gear.

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Some Pros do use lots of OLY gear.

One horse club that holds Equine Events in the venue where I do my event photography INSISTS that anyone that takes on their shows MUST photograph every entry in every event..

Since they run three event rings simutaneously all day long for three days, I have never tried to shoot one of their events.

At their last event, the photography was being done by a company out of New York State (I believe they called themselves "Quick Photo" or something like that).

They arrived with a Tractor/trailer and three motor homes, six photographers each with an assistant, and a studio inside the trailer.

Each of the photographers was equipped with an E-1/ 50 -200 FL-50. As the photographers filled their cf-cards they would hand them out of the ring to the assistant who would run them up to the studio/trailer.

Of course each photographer was wearing a Pack on his belt with spare batteries/memory/lens.

The assistants were running all day, and many hundreds of photos were shot.

In one 15 minute period I saw 50 proof sheets (index sheets from photoshop) hung up for people to see.

As is usually the case with events where the management makes demands of one sort or another, very few photos were sold.

My experience is only local, but it has been my experience, when the horse club insists I take a certain type of photo, no one ever buys it.

This particular club has about 400 members, and during the "slow spots" and breaks in the showing, they would cluster around and look at the proofs, and wander away..

There is a class of people who will want to see the proofs, want to see them YESTERDAY. and only want to see "how they looked" and are not in any way interested in purchasing any prints.

At the end of the event I had a chance to talk to the "head honcho" of the photo crew, and he was STUNNED to see how few prints had been sold. (I believe about 40 prints over 3 days).

In our conversation I told him that there had been a different photographer at each of this clubs events, all season long. He told me that the most frequent question he was asked was "will the photos be available "ON-LINE""...

I walked him through a barn aisle where there were several signs hung up advertising horses for sale.

Each and every one of those signs had a picture of the horse on it, and all but one picture had "PROOF" somewhere on the photo.

They were all obvious "screen captures" from one web site or another (you gotta be carefull how you put your photos on line)..

It has been my experience that about 25% of the people who ask "will the photos be on-line" are interested in seeing if they can steal a quick screen capture and are not interested in purchasing photos.

This has wandered off topic a bit... The reason, according to the "head photographer" in this group for all the E-1 cameras is the reliability and ruggedne of the camera.

He said they use them for wedding receptions and outdoor parties too.. anyplace where a spill or a lot of dirt is likely.

For the indoor part of the weddings they shoot, they use a few e-1 cameras, but mostly higher resolution Canon cameras.

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