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Re: Peter...For Shame!


I must say that it has been my many years experience of participation in online forums, your type of response to my ost is rare. Usually, people jump to defensiveness and respond out of emotion. They don't address the issues at hand. Then all potential meaningful dialog is lost. I've seen entirely too many threads go down in flames this way when there was potentially valueable knwoldge to be spread but it gets lost in a sea of emotions.

On the paragraph issue, you are correct. But I just got lazy.

Peter Stewart wrote:

Perhaps I could take minor issue with some of what you wrote but
that would be nit-picky and petty on my part.

I read and pondered what you said and can't find any room for
substantial disagreement. If I were to be a bystander reading each
post I would have some agreement with each; your points were well

There's not one of us infallible and not subsceptible to human

Only comment I would like to make it try and use paragraphs a
little more; reading long blocks of text can get confusing.

Peter Stewart

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