EOS400 ultrasonic shaker different from Oly's??

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You don't patent the idea or the implementation...

rather you 'claim' the inventive steps you have taken in the carrying out of your invention. For your claims to be valid you they have to relate to an implementation thay you have described in sufficient detail that it can be carried out 'someone skilled in the art' but you do limit yourself to the specifics of the implementation.

The oly patent is prob more like three or more patents - one 'master' patent claiming the use of vibration to remove dust from a sensor or filter in front of a sensor, and somes 'child' patents relating to specifics such as the use of an ultrasonic motor to generate the vibration, and adesive pads to catch dust shaken loose.

Canon have prob filed several child patents of thier own relating to the various improvements/details they have in their system but they are prob still infringing olys master patent and prob have some licensing arrangement in place as a result.

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