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Re: What will Canon screw up on the next camera?

Michael Martin wrote:

Yes but given the track record of Canon with digital imaging: bad
autofocus on the D30 and banding on the 1D, they won't get it right.

My take on the banding is...Yes it's a problem for people who want and need a 1D...I would think that Canon is definitely going to try to fix that problem.....But the whole autofocus issue and other little problems with the D30 are screw ups in my opinion...Canon has proved that they can build excellent auto focus systems....I think its more like a very well thought out business strategy that they all use. Almost all manufacturers do the same thing....If they made their product perfect on the first try they would never sell another one of those products...There always has to be room left for improvement of the products, to lure prospective customers to purchase the next best thing....I foresee maybe 5 to 7 autofocus points next camera, maybe the points will light up, maybe not....but it will most likely be lacking in some area or another....maybe the megapixels...maybe it will be 4-6.....but there will be people who want more.....I'm sure there is a term for this behavior....I'm not sure it would be called planned obsolesce......All I know is that just because it is newer doesn't mean it will be better although it certainly could be....I think I will be just as happy with the D30 I ordered this week as everyone else on this forum.


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