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Re: Rumours and Ethics...

Richard Smith wrote:

Now with rumors about unannounced digital cameras, of course they can
be destructive and harmful, but why do we indulge?

Hi Richard,

I'm not sure if you mean to include Peter's "report" in this harmful and destructive category. If you do, can you explain the harm, or the destruction?

It seems to me that he has simply told us what he found posted openly on another site.

It WAS posted there, and might easily be accurate. I don't see an "ethics" issue here. I understand that you may not either, ...just asking.

I'd guess that these forums would be a LOT smaller, and less-interesting too, if the only things ever posted here were things that everybody already-knew to be "true".

I've been frustrated by Canon's info-practices too, although I have to admit, I've read some plausible defenses of their business-wisdom in some of the hot-threads about the issue.

So, I'm just taking what's offered by Canon, AND whatever anyone else wants to add, so long as there is SOME basis for considering it. (As opposed to something completely "made-up" just to confuse things).

The first guy to "reveal" something, for example, is either on-to a "scoop", ...or on-to a false rumour. And we never know which until Yogi Berra says "it's over!".

But I, for one, don't mind hearing it. And if the only way for me to hear-it is for someone to "pass-it-along", I don't mind that either.

I don't expect everything that's posted on these forums to be stamped "proven true". As long as there is good will and good intent behind the sharing, I'm all for it.

I did begin this post with a question, ...but I'm not "taking issue" with you on anything, ...just voicing some thoughts


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