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Larry H. Smith Veteran Member • Posts: 6,270
Re: In Defense of Peter G.

Peter Stewart wrote:

Please understand sir, I read your, ahem, post and rather than
saying anything negative, I did as my mother taught me and, after
due thought, paid you the highest compliment that came to mind.

You see, a point-by-point argument would have been futile;

Indeed! An indefensible position.

it's too much like fighting and you seem to want to battle, but you see sir,
I've had a long standing principal that I will not enter into a
battle of wits with one who is unarmed.



Arrgh! ...I KNEW I should'a brung my brain!

Getting weaker, ...feel faint, ...everything's getting dim, ...can't breathe!

Maybe it's all the superiority in-the-air.

Got any long-standing-principles against unwarranted attacks? Explain them to P.G.

Speaking of principles, I generally voice opposition to the "personal" thing here on DPR (or anywhere) myself. Somehow your "Shame" post prompted me to violate that rule. ( Yep, ...human. I confess!)

Apologies (as appropriate) to other members!

I wish you a fine and prosperous New Year.

Yes, ...to all!


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