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Rumours and Ethics...

Last year, when the whole Napster/MP3 thing was in the headlines, the
music industry was screaming about how it was stealing. Now I agree
that downloading MP3's of commercial CD's is no different than
stealing, but I still do it, either to try before I buy, or when I
know for a fact that I don't intend to listen to the MP3 more than
once or twice, that is, I don't get enough "pleasure" from it that it
crosses the line into something I should be paying for. MP3's give me
the power to treat music like shareware. MP3's give me the power to
impose my own ethics on the situation rather than obeying the music
industry's screwed-up ethics.

Now with rumors about unannounced digital cameras, of course they can
be destructive and harmful, but why do we indulge? We do it because
Canon releases products that are great but still have issues, and then
stonewalls us when it comes to acknowledging those problems or giving
us a roadmap of where they are going so that we can make an informed
purchasing decision for products that cost multiple thousands of
dollars. This makes us feel powerless and as human beings we will
always seek out something to counterbalance that. So we indulge in
rumor-mongering because it allows us to make a statement that we think
our ethics, though flawed, are still a lot better than Canon's.

I personally think Phil Askey is doing us a real service by not
putting heavy moderation on threads like this, the way Rob Galbraith
does in his forum. We need this pressure release valve. We really

Thanks Phil!!

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