HOW TO SET UP- Hummingbird photography

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Man I thought this thread was dead long ago, LOL............ I will try to answer your questions the best I can

1a Any recommendations on strobes that provide best bang for the
buck for use as background lights/uplights/etc?

I really like the SB-26's, you can find them cheap, ebay is a good place to find or FM. approx $80 and they are a workhorse and dependable. They have the slave built it.

1b Any opinion on which slaves work best? SB-26's as stated have the slaves built in, so save some dollars

1c Some speedlights go down to 1/128 power in manual mode (vs the
more typical 1/64). Do you think this would be useful in stopping
hummer wing motion?

1/16th power stops them perfectly, and times I like a little blur and will shoot 1/8th to change things up

2) I noticed that you appeared to be using some sort of diffuser on
some of the strobes. Which do you like and do you use them
primarily on the Main light?

I dont use them very often but at times willhelp to difuse so i dont blow out the whites on their necks. I just move the lights in our out to nail the proper exposure..

Any time, hope that helps!

Thanks in advance for your time and trouble!


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