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Commendable effort, Peter!

Peter Gregg wrote:

Here is the dilema I am faced with. A lot of you are real nice guys
and we can argue, banter and learn from each other. On the other
hand, a lot of folks here can be rude, obnoxious and demanding. I
am not saying who is who because I don't want to offend -
especially on New Years!

For the reasons that I said, and the site I am referring to is
where I learn and take lessons, I don't want to give the site to
have brutes go over there in full force. I don't think it would be
right for me to do that out of respect to the folks over there.
There are some folks who frequent it that are here too by the way.
I notice that they too refrain from directing folks there. This
site (Dpreview) can generate a LOT of bandwidth, plus some of the
hostilities that go with it.

Peter, I want to say that your intent, and action, here, are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

This is demonstrated by the "For Shame" and "Defense" posts lower on this thread.

Although others have since "revealed'" information you chose not-to, I compliment you on taking-the-trouble (and flak) to avoid "transporting" troublesome posters. I know that if I were the "host" in question, I would appreciate it.

Re. the "What a joke." quote, below, ...think very carefully about the motives of the poster before being discouraged by this. You are obviously impressed and pleased with this teacher, and appreciative of the relationship that the web-class permits, between instructor and student. This is ENTIRELY appropriate, and the teacher, if he is half as "good" as his reputation might suggest, KNOWS this. If (IF!) the remark was ever uttered, we don't know exactly what he had just-been-told that may have prompted his response. After "feeling" the tone of the other-party involved in the supposed "conversation", I can only imagine that an unflattering picture was being-painted FOR the instructor.

Thanks for sharing in a "responsible" way.

AFAIC, you "done good"!

Happy New Year,


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