Canon 400D vs Nikon D80 vs Sony Alpha

Started Aug 24, 2006 | Discussions thread
Barry Fitzgerald Forum Pro • Posts: 29,888
My take on the situation here....!

Ok so they are all at 10mp....thats predictable..but:

Good price, less noise at high ISO ??? We dont know yet.
Safe brand
Loads of lenses etc.....
Anti dust
AF should be good

Small, slightly naff viewfinder..not impressive at all IMO
Terrible handgrip..(designed by a torture expert)
Build? As
No in body AS

Mass consumer pixel mad crowd...

Nikon: (D80)
Tasty D200 style viewfinder
Good build ? (I would think so)
Excellent handling (nikon do this better than far)
As Canon, big range of glass etc
Nikon metering has the edge on Canon (IMO)

No anti dust
As good as the Canon at high ISO ?? (dont know yet)
More expensive
No in body AS (a minus if you want this)

For the discerning photog who loves handling...

Sony A-100

Decent viewfinder (but no D80)..middle of the pack
SSS/AS in body
Build better than the Canon...(prpbably not up to the D80)
Anti dust (does it work? hmm not so sure)
Eye start (its useless but it looks good!)

No xfine JPEG...
Handling ok..but less buttons..not as good as some?
Sony new in market...unknown future plans

Not as much glass and stuff out there (though decent enough) present supplies for lenses not great.
High ISO not so good...


Consumer who loves features and snazz...features man

If I were new to market...(I aint as I have a KM5D)..then.

I would probably be looking more at the D80..myself..A-100 doesnt hit my spot..but I will wait..

Canons have nice sensors...lousy handling (budget ones anyway)

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