Debayer interlaced images in realtime ?

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Debayer interlaced images in realtime ?


I know that this is a forum for still image cameras but I'm tempted to update my videocamera to a consumer HDTV-camera.

The recent consumer-HDTV cameras released from Canon and Sony both uses a CMOS sensor of about 1/3" size.
It also seems that they uses a color filter array to create color.

Demosaicing this into full color pixels would probably give about 1MP luminance resolution depending on the scene.

But the camera doesn't readout every line 'per frame', they are 2:1 interlaced readouts. So a standard Bayer filter would only give green and red on one of the fields and blue and green on the other field read out.

Or ... do they read out every line and do analog mixing/binning to demosaic in analog circuits ?

So does anyone know what pattern is used in these or simular cameras ? and what fullcolor resolution is expected ?

Here is a standard Bayer and two guesses from me:

Even more interesting ... what will Panansonic release in the consumer segment soon ? A 3CCD 1920x1080, 50p, 400gram, 80GB HD for $1500US ? I guess not.

Any good forums for videocameras for these kind of questions ?

Right now I like the Canon HV10 for its shape, weight and 1920x1080 (vs Sonys 1440x1080 ?) and Sony SR1 for using a harddisk instead of tapes or DVDs.

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