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Re: Perfect example of a rumor!


I for one appreciated the info. I consider it "what is so-far known" not "something vague".

I applaud Peter's clearly-stated reason for NOT "naming" the source, for whom he obviously has great respect.

Others, myself included, have since found the source, and he HAS been named (not by me).

This source DID say (publicly, ...the internet is as public as-it-gets) that he would be getting the "replacement for the D30" to use, and demo at PMA (Orlando).and a Vegas show. AND that an associate would be getting another one.

The stature-in-the-photographic community of BOTH men is such that their credibility is not suspect.

As a baseless rumour, I consider this one to be far from "perfect"

Maybe we have different textbooks


Fred Greaves wrote:

This is a textbook example of a rumor:

I heard something vague from a source that I can't name...

Fact: The 1D is one heck of a replacement for the D30.

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