D60 - not rumor!!!

Started Dec 31, 2001 | Discussions thread
Peter Stewart Regular Member • Posts: 129
Aaah, uh..one more note

I guess I also need to add that I felt a little upset about Monte's gaff and the fact it was immediately picked up and broadcast and perhaps didn't take the time I should have to give a more considered response.

That particularly applies to the comment I passed on characterizing Peter's relationship. I know Monte fairly well and he's a bit short and gruff, especially online, mainly because he's so pressed for time. When he said what he did I know full well it was a quick reply and one made out of haste due to a characterization of a relationship that didn't exist in that realm.

I certainly did no further good in what I said.

Slap, slap

You've chastised me and so have I.

Peter Stewart

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