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Re: Peter...For Shame!

Peter Stewart,

It seems to me that your response to Peter Gregg is a little over the top. Yes, when I initially read his posts I felt he gave the indication of a personal relationship with regard to his instructor. So I reread his posts. I'd say they're on he border with regard to characterizing the nature of the relationship, but the posts are indeed accurate. It really matters not how the instructor views the relationship. What matters is how Peter views it and what he's gleeming from it. Many of us have had others look toward us for guidane and direction without us even knowing it! When I'm in that position, I'm always humbled at the way view our relationship. But I've learned to respect it even if I don't feel the same way because I too have "relationships" with people that have influence over me and I've never dialoged with them in any format! When you're in the position of teacher/leader/etc. it comes with the territory. The teacher in question here ought to know that AND respect it. And another thing, I too am an insctructor in digital imaging. And yes, I take a tremendous amount of "unnecessary" time away from my family to address the needs of my students. And yes, they are tremendously grateful for all that I do for and with them. But you know what? THEY give me more than I give them. How so? Because while I know who I am and why I'm here (in the larger sense), it feels so good to be reaffirmed in your expertise. It feels so good to know that you have something that others want. It feels so good to be acknowledged. Listen, I've read the online forum in question. There is a LOT of ego messaging going on over there. When I say that, I'm not trying to be mean spirited. Nor am I necessarily saying that it is a bad thing. I'm just being accurate in reporting what I read. The point is that the instructor in question gets as much, if not more from those who follow him, as those who follow him get from him. So don't don't characterize these relationships as all one way. He's just giving tremendously of himself as if he's some type of maryter. Recognize what he's getting as well.

In addition, by writing publically that the instructor commented, "What a joke", in reference to Peter, that could cause unnecessary pain and humiliation. After all, it is obvious that Peter has a lot of respect and admiration for the instructor. You've essentially told him that the instructor could care less. That's hurtful and there's no reason to publically post that.

Lastly. If he was under NDA, HE surely blew it. Don't blame Peter. In my opinion, Peter is simply serving the greater Canon digital community faithfully. If you read what the instructor wrote, he gives NO indication whatsoever that this is hush hush. In fact, HE's using it to get people to join him at PPA and WPPI. I don't know tha man personally. I've read many of his articles online and in print. But it reads like, "Hey, I'm on the inside track with Canon and at PMA and WPPI I'm only 1 of 2 people in the US to get this puppy. So come hang out with me so you can be cool too.". Of course, this is my opinion. But what I'm saying is that the accoutability BELONGS on the instructor, NOT on Peter. Not even 1% on Peter. Not even 0.000001% on Peter. He was excited to hear the news, and I was excited to read his posts. He is innocent of ANY wrong doing.

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