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Peter...For Shame!

Peter, I take you to task for your posting about the D60. It seems that some people, like little kids, just can't take privileged information and keep it to themselves. They must be the FIRST to SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD!

It's an all too human failing to be sure but it too often creates a lot of hurt. I fear it's possible here.

What the man you refer to as your personal teacher, etc. said, I must admit, was out of line. He made a terrible mistake. He should not have let the genie out of the bottle, and for that he must be and I fear, will be, held accountable.

But, what bothers me every bit as much is how you ran screaming here to tell everyone about it. One of the reasons it bothers me is how you have portrayed your position in this and declared a few words in a post as a Public Proclamation confirming an impending release. It IS NO SUCH THING!!!! Canon itself has not released a flipping thing.

I am a close personal friend of the man you call your personal photography trainer. I asked him about it this morning. His reply: "What a joke." You participate in an online teaching forum; this does NOT make you a special pupil of a very special man.

At this point in time I feel I'm as close to this man as any, and I see him on a regular basis. At times, when I have a specific problem or question he will take the time to give me of his wisdom but I know him to be extremely busy and hard working despite a very advanced age and has little time for personal tutoring. He has NO personal students!!!

Please, for the sake of your ego (and what you feel is confirmation of your importance, and therefore, credibility) stop telling people you have a special relationship that gives you an inside track.

Again, I wish to make it absolutely clear that what was said by him in his forum was a mistake. He is the one ultimately responsible for this, not you, and as I already said, I fear he might pay a terrible price himself.

You just furthered it because the word will spread quickly as a result. And to no good end. Except perhaps, the feeling of importance you have for being the first to tell everyone. I guess that's pretty important, eh?

I'd like to mention that, as a result of my friendship with him I had the opportunity to personally handle and fire off quite a few frames with a 1D a fair time before it's introduction.

I never said a word to anyone in the world about it.

I know it's going to be real hard not to take this personally; I think I would. But, for one of the rare times I ever write anything in these forums, I needed to comment on this.

Peter Stewart

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