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Re: D60 - not rumor!!!

After studying these forums for months and learning from all you good people about the good and (few) bad aspects of the D30 I finally forked out my $2,000+ just a couple of weeks ago. This is a great camera and meets my goal of having something that doesn't limit my own [already limited! ] abilities.

Unlike many, I never had any other digital camera. I went straight from a manual film SLR to the DSLR. I can't imagine not having a "real" viewfinder.

If the story about the D60 is true it is only good news for me as it means that my ongoing investment in EF lenses is safe and with a bit of luck the D60 will address the minor deficiencies of the D30. By the time the newbie makes the general marketplace, maybe I'll be ready for a 2nd body!


Peter Siciliano wrote:

Peter Gregg wrote:

One of the pro's I learn from and take classes and lessons from was
hired to demonstrate THE REPLACEMENT FOR THE D30 at the February
show. He is a big name guy.

So, that means there IS a camera - and Canon is calling it a
REPLACEMENT FOR THE D30!!!!! It is in real life and not a fantisy.
He was not told any info like mp size or when it will be available.
I guess they want a high end person to place the camera with.

THE D30 REPLACEMENT - YES!!!!!!! What neat NEAT words.

That's all.


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