Where to buy the 18-200 VR??

Started Aug 23, 2006 | Discussions thread
Robert Strom Senior Member • Posts: 2,982
Re: Where to buy the 18-200 VR??

There are plenty on Ebay. Try Cameta Camera. You will pay a premium but if you really want it... They may sell it to you for a "buy it now price" if you call them. 800-991-3350. I have bought several items from them directly without going through E-bay. They seem reputable and sometimes don't advertise an item on E-bay but have it in stock. I know you are in Sweden , but maybe your US friend can call them for you. I don't know if they ship overseas.

Your friend might be able to snag a bid while he is in SF assuming he has a valid shipping address and is going to be there long enough to have it shipped to him.

Also check B&H photo video daily. I snagged mine early one morning in June and paid $749 but they were out of stock a couple of hours later.


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