D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: D60 - not rumor!!!

Peter Gregg wrote:

One of the pro's I learn from and take classes and lessons from was
hired to demonstrate THE REPLACEMENT FOR THE D30 at the February
show. He is a big name guy.

So, that means there IS a camera - and Canon is calling it a
REPLACEMENT FOR THE D30!!!!! It is in real life and not a fantisy.
He was not told any info like mp size or when it will be available.
I guess they want a high end person to place the camera with.

THE D30 REPLACEMENT - YES!!!!!!! What neat NEAT words.

That's all.


Ahh, who cares?

After two years of playing around with prosumer-class cameras, I finally took the plunge and bought the camera I knew I've always wanted. I now finally own my own D30!

Let me tell you, I'm not disappointed in the least! God, does it ever feel good to look through a real lens and have real optical manual focus! I feel released and won't be outgrowing this camera anytime soon.

I've got a lot of work to do in mastering the use of my D30, and I look forward to every fun and frustrating minute of the process!

My New Year's resolution for 2002 is to not get caught up by the hype of new and improved products, but rather to make the most of what I'm fortunate enough to own right now!

If I have any regrets with respects to buying my D30 right now, it would be for having missed out on possible price reductions of the cost of the camera by Canon in lieu of an updated version. Oh well, life's to short to wait too long!

Happy New Year, everyone!



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