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Re: Sounds true, ...another quote:

lhsmith wrote:

lhsmith wrote:

Hey Peter,

I'm always looking to add quality websites to my favorites.
Don't suppose you'd care to list a few of yours ??


Never mind, ...found it.

Here's another quote from the site owner/host:

"By the way, I'm getting one of TWO D60's next month. Only two will
be in the country by then. (An associate) is getting the other one.
We will be using them, so that we can have samples for PMA in
Orlando in February.

I'll be introducing the camera to the public at the WPPI show in
Vegas. Quite a thrill!"

Does this mean that the camera will NOT be "introduced to the
public" at Orlando(PMA)? Is the Vegas show later or earlier than

I'm also left wondering about this remark, by the host:

"I just know that now is the time to pick up what's remaining out
there of the D30's."

Why rush out to snap-up D30's, if a new (and presumably improved)
"replacement" is coming?

Does this say something about the host's opinion of the
replacement? Or about it's price?


I believe it, I wouldn't rush out and order the D60 just yet. It will have to be some camera and at the right price to topple the D30 from the top of the pile.

I have had mine for a year and am just starting to produce some really good results mainly because I forgot all about the pros and cons of the camera and let go of the idea that the best lens will improve my work and finally went out and started taking pictures again rather than testing!

I don't need a full sized chip( I've come to like the 1.6 magnification actually) but a 6million pixel CMOS of the same size as the D30 would do me nicely sir.

Happy new year

Dave C
--Dave C

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