D60 - not rumor!!!

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Chris Dodkin
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Pepe, you hit the nail on the head...

The important thing is that your investment in lenses, especially L lenses, will far out weigh the cost of the body, and will be an investment in a system that will serve you for the life of your D30, D60, D5000 and beyond.

One thing is sure, Canon will continue to bring out new digital SLRs to suppliment the range.

The one constant is the lens system.

It's going to be an exciting future, can't wait!


Pepe wrote:

Lee Rothman wrote:

I agree with ya Frans. I am gonna wait for the 10mp full frame baby
in R&D as we speak, which will likely be announced about this time
next year. At least from what the dealer/rep said it "should" also
have the 1D's AF and AE exposure chip on board as well. No word as
to whether or not it will have the magnesium body, but frankly that
would NOT be a deal breaker for me. The auto focus WOULD. I am
content to get my complete L lens collection under control by
Spring, and then wait to save up enough to be ready for this
awesome camera this time next year.

I agree with you. I am skipping that as well. I probably will get
the 2003 PMA announced camera but not this year's. I am very happy
with my D30 and will be investing in L lenses first before I jump
to the next digital slr body. By then, I hope that I have mastered
the basics of photography.

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