D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: D60 - not rumor!!!

Here is where I read it:

Here is what it said:


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Happy New Year!

You don't have to defend your position. I'm just showing you how you can preserve that detail and still adjust the picture to any degree of contrast you wish. I think it's better to have some body onto which the face is attached.

Come to Vegas. It's a two-week party. The convention is FREE if you register in my class there. It's like a "family" show. The whole class parties together thruout the convention.

By the way, I'm getting one of TWO D60's next month. Only two will be in the country by then. Robert Farber is getting the other one. We will be using them, so that we can have samples for PMA in Orlando in February.

I'll be introducing the camera to the public at the WPPI show in Vegas. Quite a thrill!

MikeA wrote:
The following is a verbatim copy of Mr. MacLean's message, to which
you haven't yet replied. Surely, since it's a public declaration,
there must be some public place in which it was declared...

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