D60 - not rumor!!!

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Cool Rumor!

Thanks for sharing the rumor. Sounds like some of the rumors I hear about new cars. I have sources and have sometimes already seen the cars in person but I am embargoed from saying ANYTHING to anyone and I respect that as does Phil on this site about cameras. Sorry that some became rude with you Peter.

I decided to pass on the D30 and wait until this year to invest in a digital SLR. I am an avid hobbyist. If I were a working pro I would have a D30, at least. Last year I bought a Pro90 to play with and travel light with. I like it very much but it has it's drawbacks that drive me nuts. Once you have a 17-35 mm Canon L lens in your hand you can't really be satisfied with the feel of the electronic zoom on a G1, G2 or Pro90. Looking through an electronic viewfinder sucks when compared through looking out and f2.8 lens. Taking pictures in low light is a guess at best with the Pro90.

Here is hoping that the D60 is equivalent to my EOS A2. That camera has been fantastic for me for many years now. An A2 digital SLR equal would last me a long time. Price it under $3,000 and I'm all over it. I just want a body to attach my great Canon glass to that also has multiple focusing points, decent metering system, good flash capabilities, and most importantly, good image quality.

A D30 with some minor improvements is what many of us are waiting for. Of course I would be all over a D30 tomorrow at $1,000 and live with it's minor shortcomings.

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