D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: hmmmmmm

Schneider Roland wrote:

Nice one!
Lets start the new year with some, well, RUMOURS!

Actually, I don't see anything particularly wrong with this. The guy is just passing on what he heard, with qualifications as to where and under what parameters he heard it. It doesn't really "confirm" anything, but it's interesting to read.

Even if we knew it to be absolute fact (that is, that Canon is showing a D30 replacement in February) would that be so far from what many of us suspect? I mean, we've pretty much thought that was the timetable all along. And, as another has pointed out here, it doesn't really mean anything in the way of purchase -- we're still looking at the end of summer '02 before any cameras will be available for mortals (and a good many months more before they'll be as affordable as the D30, if ever).

So everyone should just relax -- this isn't an obnoxious thread as the one about jimwww who sold his D30 (who seems like a blithering idiot -- if I knew as little as he obviously did before I spent thousands of dollars I'd deserve a quick punch in the head with a 2x4).--Mike http://www.kelleytown.com

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