D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: D60 - not rumor!!!

I agree with ya Frans. I am gonna wait for the 10mp full frame baby in R&D as we speak, which will likely be announced about this time next year. At least from what the dealer/rep said it "should" also have the 1D's AF and AE exposure chip on board as well. No word as to whether or not it will have the magnesium body, but frankly that would NOT be a deal breaker for me. The auto focus WOULD. I am content to get my complete L lens collection under control by Spring, and then wait to save up enough to be ready for this awesome camera this time next year.

Frans van Wessel wrote:

I guess I'm going to skip the D60 , first of all because I'm more
than happy with the results I get from the D30 , secondly , if this
camera is an improved D30 the price willl be in line with the D30
when it came to market or even higher which will not be something
I'm willing to spend.

Digital EOS cameras to me are not much different than Film EOS
cameras in the way that they are not wanna haves but serious
quality instruments meant to last for a considerable period.

I can wait another 2-3 years ( got my D30 3 weeks ago ) and wait
for the 10-12 MP EOS camera when it's on the market for a year or
so and prices drop.

It's good to read that the next generation is on it's way but it's
not going to be for me.

Regards and happy new year,

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