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Yours is the first post I give any credence to. I have read many of your posts in the past and have found them to be fairly level-headed and even-tempered. (Not something common to all postings).

Regarding this new camera, what was posted where?

If it is, as I surmise, an upgraded D30, then I doubt it would have a higher pixel count than the current 1D, as this would be very confusing to the market. Best chance is for a 4 mpixel CMOS with improved auto-focus.

If this is so, it will probably come out at about the price of the original D30, and take a year to come down in price. Since I have just begun to wring out the D30 and learn all it can do, I would surmise that this new camera is primarily for those who have reached the limits of the auto-focus, and those who have not yet bought in.

What I want is probably still on the horizon - 6mpixel+ with excellent auto-focus. Speed is not as important, as long as it can flush the buffer quickly and not make me wait at a bad moment.

If this is being shown in February, expect initial trickles in June, volume in August, and prices to begin to drop the following year. At that point we may see the camera that I want.

In the meantime, I am investing my dollars into lenses. Just got the 16-35mm and it is AMAZING! Thinking about the 28-70L to replace my 24-85. More interested in any new lenses coming out in February.

Also, where is this introduction to be made? Perhaps I should go to this event and check it out.


Peter Gregg wrote:

Unless this is an internal name or temporary one... It could imply
a 6MP sensor...

Who knows.

I would agree with that. It is probably a temporary name or
possibly what Canon internal people are calling it. Some of the
other stuff I heard in the conversation over this is that Epson
will have some new stuff to "knock your socks off". We will see,
the stuff they have is pretty good now. Also, Fuji has committed to
introducing their S2. To me, the big news is the D60 though, and it
is going to be demonstrated by someone I know personally! So cool.


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