Tips for NZ trip?

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Tips for NZ trip?

Hi guys, need some advices..

I will be going for my honeymoon trip(for 12days) this coming October to the great country New Zealand…

I am thinking of getting a backup camera (actually more for fitting long lens so that I do not have to switch lenses so oftenly) together with my trusty S3pro
Would like to get some advices if possible..

1. Which camera body should I get(I know its too general questions. but I will try my luck)

Thinking of D2h(very affordable now for 2nd hand).. the only concern is noise problem

D2hs(2 times the price even for 2nd hand..1 the only nikon camera which I dream to own )
Or just forget it and use Fuji F30(which I just bought for my wife to use)?

Will be renting a car to drive… so weight is not a problem..

i know i will shoot like crazy.. storage wise i think i will bring my laptop along.....

I have myself these lenses: 10.5, 12-24, 50 1.8, 17-55, 105VR, 70-200, 1.4X TC, 2X TC.
Confirm bringing these: 10.5, 12-24, 105VR
Also like inputs of any additional lens to bring!

I have got and seen many helpful and nice advices here in this forums before..
So please feel free to give comments..

Thank you very much

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