HOW TO SET UP- Hummingbird photography

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Re: HOW TO SET UP- Hummingbird photography

Keith, I really love your photos and appreciate the setup information you have posted. Thanks very much.

You have inspired me to start a series of photo sessions with the little jewels myself, so I have a couple of quick follow-up questions for you.

Background: I currently have a D200 and SB-600 Speedlight

as well as an older SB-24. I intend to use the SB-600 as the main strobe and purchase a few additional speedlights and hope to control them via aftermarket slave units.

1a Any recommendations on strobes that provide best bang for the buck for use as background lights/uplights/etc?
1b Any opinion on which slaves work best?

1c Some speedlights go down to 1/128 power in manual mode (vs the more typical 1/64). Do you think this would be useful in stopping hummer wing motion?

2) I noticed that you appeared to be using some sort of diffuser on some of the strobes. Which do you like and do you use them primarily on the Main light?

Thanks in advance for your time and trouble!


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