D80 Sample Images at Impress/Japan

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Very well done...

PhotoArtKC wrote:

With some work, I got even better results than you were able to do.
Here is my screen capture directly from the program. I also tried a
few other noise programs with lesser results. (Noiseware and Noise
Ninja) Their was some very minor details lost in the bunny, but
nothing that you couldnt fix by using two layers in Photoshop. One
with the orig, one with the filtered version and using a layer mask
to "paint" those areas back quick and easy.

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Yet further proof that the D80 has what it takes, to produce a very useable image at ISO3200.

In my illustration, I was trying to match the noise reduction in the 30D's ISO3200 image, in an attempt to show that with the same level of NR, the D80's image actually retains more detail. Your image shows how far one could go (with the D80's image), while maintaining a decent level of detail. Simply amazing, considering we are talking about a Nikon.

Thanks for the illustration...


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