Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70

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Re: Impressive!

spiny wrote:

What I'm doing right now is to cover up the contacts on the camera
with a bit of cello tape. Then scrape off the tape when I want to
use the flash normally. Then put on another piece of tape again
when ... So I have roll of tape and a pair of scissors in my bag
now. (Is there a better way?)

I'd avoid the tape due to adhesive residue. If you're going to use tape, I'd recommend 3M's blue masking tape:

It's supposed to be able to go 2 weeks without leaving residue. I've seen this tape at Home Depot and my local Walmart, so it should be fairly easy to find.

Another solution: Take a little peice of plastic or thin cardboard. Plastic from a "blister pack" ought to do nicely. Cut it into a fat T. Make the narrow portion as wide as the flash shoe, and the wide part a little more so. Trim the length of the narrow part to cover just those first two contacts. The big one in the middle is the important one :-). make the wide portion of the T big enough so you can easily grab it with your fingers, but not so big it pokes you when you put your camera up to your face. Slip in the T between the flash and camera when you don't want the two to communicate with each other (such as for this technique), then pull the T out when you want to resume normal flash communications with the camera.

Thanks again for the tip, oldpear.


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