Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70

Started Apr 2, 2004 | Discussions thread
Bob Walters Senior Member • Posts: 2,039
You won't like FP flash for hummingbirds

Unfortunately FP flash and a high shutter speed is unlikely to make for good hummingbird shots because the resultant flash power is so low.

Rather than try freezing the fast wing beat with high shutter speeds, the experts generally do it with short flash duration. If you have enough flash power to overwhelm any background illumination, you'll be able to stop high speed movement easily even using relatively slow shutter speeds. Fortunately plenty of flash power is available at a great deal less cost than purchasing a new camera capable of flash sync at high shutter speeds.

Check out this link for some good info on setting up for shooting hummingbirds.

There's lots of good info around here too if you do a search on hummingbirds.


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