D80 Sample Images at Impress/Japan

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Re: We're both right, and the moderator is ruining this forum..

Try this comparison! It has several crops of these test images!

Canon image certainly looks cleaner.. But somehow I still prefer
the Nikon. Can't really explain any better - these things are
always about personal observations and likings

Janne Mankila

It looks very comparable to me up to ISO1600. At ISO3200 Canon seems to have a bit less noise. Then again, (to me) Canon at 3200 - at least looking at those crops - looks softer and with less details. Maybe it's only my monitor/eyes.

Anyway, having 10Mp sensor that compares with Canon's 8Mp sensor @ISO1600 is already an achievement. If Canon would squeeze 10Mp in DX size sensor using same technology as in 30D, I wouldn't expect them to be any better at ISO3200.

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