D80 Sample Images at Impress/Japan

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Re: We're both right, and the moderator is ruining this forum..

They even took out my reply to you regarding the 5fps thing... I
didn't use any bad language and neither I was rude towards anyone.
:/ The moderator didn't know I had spent twenty minutes of my time
(at work, lol) writing that and re-checking my info

Yes i think it VERY rude, and one reason I am really looking for another forum. This has gone way to far. I think the moderator here is truly ruining this forum.

This was one of the reasons why I got myself a Nikon and not a
Canon. Canon digital images don't appeal to me. And I somehow
believe you'd be very happy shooting with a Canon - they aren't
that bad cameras, anyway ; )

OK i have heard about the difference in noise but never learned what they where. I will look for it now :0).

So there we have it! We are both right!

Guess so, and thank you for a balanced, neutral, polite and informative post. Its so nice when someone WITHOUT that fanatic brand loyalty is on the line. The alternative is so straining :0)

Best wishes


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