D80 Sample Images at Impress/Japan

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Re: We're both right, right?!

J Mankila wrote:

jagge wrote:

... Apparently its hard being honest hear without being
bashed. I find that odd i must say.

Yes, that's odd

But some relplies now are missing the very strange, and at times
very irretating moderator here has apparently pulled som post here.

They even took out my reply to you regarding the 5fps thing... I
didn't use any bad language and neither I was rude towards anyone.
:/ The moderator didn't know I had spent twenty minutes of my time
(at work, lol) writing that and re-checking my info

But I have to say one thing about the noise! There is very
distinct difference in the images from 30D and D80. You must see
the Canon high-ISO images lacking in luminance noise - and I see it
too. What I see in the Canon shots is noticeable chroma noise - you
know, colorful blotches. They don't show up that easily, but
looking at 100% they just don't seem right to my eyes. What seems
right is the complete lack of chroma noise in the D80 image! True,
there is noticeably more luminance noise than in the Canon image,
but what's funny is that my eyes don't see that.. The noise looks
natural, pleasant, it has the grit and grain that I love about
film. And it is very much in the background - not interfering with
detail at all.

This was one of the reasons why I got myself a Nikon and not a
Canon. Canon digital images don't appeal to me. And I somehow
believe you'd be very happy shooting with a Canon - they aren't
that bad cameras, anyway ; )

So there we have it! We are both right!

Janne Mankila

That pretty much sums up what I said in another thread. The noise from the Nikon looks to me almost like film grain, not a digital shot with chroma noise which to me is distracting. (and harder to fix)

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