getting R800 to equal colors of PictureMate

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Re: getting R800 to equal colors of PictureMate

Me too, R800 dark prints, 2200 dark prints also. I replyed this same info in another post. I too have tried the various settings in the printer setup with some good results - but very inconsistant.

And, yes, this happened all of a sudden on my system also. I recently had to rebuild the system. I loaded the latest printer drivers last - dark prints. Fresh install of XP with all the updates then initial install of drivers.

I will remove them and install the old drivers, who knows - XP updates? There are some that simply do not understand our situation and believe it is all a result of bad monitor calibration... well hog-wash!

There are several threads on this site concerning the Epson dark prints. Each person is trying to help or even understand how our situation could even exist.

The many helpful inputs cover areas of monitor calibration; printer drivers; updated printer drivers installed over old without removing the old properly; double profiling; on & on...

I too have this dark print problem with both the R800 & 2200, from my laptop & PC with a CRT. I also use a spyder2pro and have recalibrated uncounted times. I have lowered the luminance values and recalibrated only to find the monitor too dark for any practical function whatsoever and the prints are still dark.

I have printed a tiff sent from MPix and guess what - they are drastically darker than the hard copy print that were sent with the file. So, there is no question - this situation surpasses the monitor calibration issue. BTW, the hard copy that was sent with the file looks great when compared to my monitor. Again – this surpasses monitor calibration!

So, I really can't help fix the problem, but as one post suggested - I use Qimage then set up a 'print filter’ that adds 5 steps of brightness and 3 steps of contrast. With that I get great looking consistently predictable prints.

IMHO - Forget monitor calibration to look like your print, that is reverse procedure. Calibrate the monitor so all levels of the gradations from black to white are visible and color accuracy is ‘right on’. Take a look at '' a lot of good info there and some tests you can run to get a general view of your calibration.

Now the next issue for me - the same tiff file and 'qimage print filter' that I have printing great from my laptop will print much darker from my PC - regardless of how it looks on my monitor! All the same XP updates, same versions of software, the same Epson drivers, etc. I am printing USB from the laptop and fire wire from the PC (cheap sharing of printers).

Again, I really appreciate the input from everyone that has added, I mean no disrespect whatsoever when speaking of monitor calibration suggestions, thanks.


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